How to Survive Mercury Retrograde

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What does Mercury Retrograde mean?

Planets of the solar system travel in one direction and do not actually stop and go backward, which is what the term ‘Mercury Retrograde’ suggests. What in fact happens, is an optical illusion. At certain points in time, astronomers observe planets pausing and appearing to go back the other way. This optical illusion is caused when planets overlap each other on their way around the Sun. The overlapped planet appears to go backward, and humans have named that a retrograde phase for that planet. For Mercury, this happens three or four times per year and lasts about three weeks at a time. Mercury is an inner planet and orbits the Sun in just 88 days, so passes the Earth three times in the Earth's own 366-day rotation.

What does this mean energetically?

Everything is connected energetically. We are affected by the movements of the Solar System, the Sun, Moon, stars, and each of the planets. Each planet has its own energy signature. Mercury is named for the Greek messenger God, who is believed to rule communication and travel. When the planet appears to go retrograde, the energy becomes chaotic and can have negative effects on what it rules. You can expect travel disruptions, miscommunications and it may not be a great time for signing deals or contracts.

“There is only one rule for being a good talker — learn to listen.”

Christopher Morley

What does Gemini have to do with this?

So Mercury will be retrograde from May 29th through to June 22nd. Putting it astrologically in Gemini.

“…during an extremely volatile astrological period. Not only will Mercury shift retrograde in between a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and a solar eclipse in Gemini, the second exact square aspect between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will also take place while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini.”

Remember my previous blog about The Eclipse Season? I talked about sudden changes, challenges, and the need to stay calm in the face of chaos, looking to the eventual possibility of transformation.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury and is a dualistic sign, that often sees things from all positions and angles. Expect your values and beliefs to be challenged in this period.

We are seeing this with the current dance over the Covid 19 vaccine versus freedom of movement. Daily the advice differs.

So how can we prepare ourselves for this turbulent energy?

We will need to take a calm and flexible approach through this period. Kindness could be key.

· Hear what people are saying.

· Do not reflect back with your words from your perspective.

· Take a moment to see it from the other point of view.

· Be compassionate about their perspective.

· You don’t have to agree or disagree.

· Just acknowledge their truth.

“Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.”

Jane Goodall

This period also comes off the back of a period of confinement or self-isolation. It may see the increase in your social interactions, seeing groups of people that you may not have seen for a while. Gossip could be running away with itself, and debate could become contentious, as each speaker wants to air their opinions and perspective. Go back to the ‘kindness keys’.

Think before you speak!

Practice the Power of Mantras

Mantra, in Sanskrit, means ‘instrument or tool of the mind’. Mantras create a sacred sound formed by syllables, words, and phrases repeated in meditation or prayer. Chanting helps quiet the monkey mind and keeps you concentrated on the task at hand.

The simple OM is one of the first mantras used. OM or AUM is translated as ‘I am’. It is seen as the universal sound, the vibration of the universe, the creator.

Sit comfortably and take a deep breath in. On the out-breath chant OM, start slowly then allow the sound to build and open your mouth wider, as the breath finalises, close the mouth to hum the M to the end of your out-breath. Breath in deeply again and repeat.

There have been scientific studies into how chanting mantras can calm our nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety. As with most things, it is a practice, start with a few minutes sat with a mantra and then build it up to suit your personal practice.

I personally use the Buddhist chant ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’, the compassionate Buddha. Taught to me by the traveling Lama Lhakpa Yeshe, on one of his annual visits (pre-covid) to France. This mantra calms fears, soothes concerns, and helps to heal broken hearts.

Broken down:

· Om = the vibration or sound of the universe; represents divine energy and generosity and purifies the ego

· Ma = represents ethics and purifies jealousy

· Ni = represents patience and purifies want or desire

· Pad = represents diligence and purifies ignorance and judgment

· Me = represents concentration and purifies attachment

· Hum = the unity of all; represents wisdom and purifies hatred

I will be using this practice during this Mercury Retrograde. I am a Gemini so am expecting the energy of this period to be strong. I intend to harness it and will be practicing all that I have written about here. I often meditate and chant Om Mani Padme Hum in the bath in the morning. I like to believe that I am not only surrounding myself with this energy, but at the end of my bath, I release that energy in the bathwater out into Mother Earth.

Thank you for reading my article, I am Maria Barry, self-taught when it comes to astrology and I research online continually for what is happening energetically. I am a Reiki master/teacher and secretary of a reiki association in SW France. I have been a crystal lover for over 20 years. I use them in my day-to-day life as well as teaching others how to use them. I am the owner of Cristaux de Kuthumi where I sell a great selection of tumbled stones and natural pieces. I also make prescriptive jewelry for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and I have an EtsyShop.




A Reiki master, passionate about crystal and energy healing and teaching others to harness the power.

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Maria Barry

Maria Barry

A Reiki master, passionate about crystal and energy healing and teaching others to harness the power.

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